10 Reasons to Train


Branch Reflexology Institute©

  1. Founder Barbara Brower has over 36 years in a full time practice; and the Branch Trainers excel in their knowledge and passion as dedicated Reflexologists in the field.
  2. Barbara wrote the protocols for the $3.1 million dollar grant awarded to Michigan State University (MSU). This five-year grant will study the effects of Reflexology on women with breast cancer under-going chemotherapy. She was an invited speaker at the 2007 NIH conference in Washington D.C. She has been invited numerous times to participate in Nursing Annual Conferences as one of the Break-out Speakers informing nurses on the NIH studies and the benefits of Reflexology for themselves as self-care as well as sharing with their patients on the value of utilizing the benefits of this age old science.
  3. Comprehensive training in Foot Reflexology and Hand Reflexology.
  4. The importance of posture and body mechanics for longevity.
  5. How to speak to your clients in a supportive way; changing negatives to positives; non-judgmental.
  6. Abundant hands-on and experience with a variety of feet to feel differences.
  7. Business protocol tools on setting up an office.
  8. Prosthetic and Orthotic knowledge.
  9. On-going support for developing practitioners.
  10. Website listing for graduates of the program at www.branchreflexology.com


Everyone is Welcome 

This training has no Pre-Requisites. We begin with the basics and build into professional application.
(Approximate Course Training Time: 1 Year)
5 weekends — 2-3 months apart

Branch Reflexology Institute ©


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