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‘The Body Talks’ Method

150 Hour Certificate Training Program
You will be Certified and Registered with Branch Reflexology Institute

LEVEL – I  From the Beginning Background and History

The Zones, Spine/Skeletal Structure/Bones of The Feet/Visual Foot Reading, Elimination Organs, Emotional Relationship to Reflexes, Herbs/Bach Flower Essences and Word Patterns.

Documentations–16 hrs. (4 people 4 times each)

Saturday and Sunday (9-6 pm)

Cost: $450

LEVEL – II  The Endocrine System & More

Discuss the Endocrine System—Pituitary/Thyroid Adrenal/Pancreas/Stomach/Kidney/Ovary/Testes/Emotional Relationship of the Reflexes, Discussion on Herbs/Bach Flower Essences/Word Patterns – How it all works together.

Documentations 12 hrs. (3 people 4 times each)

Saturday and Sunday (9-6 pm)

Cost: $450

LEVEL – III  Protocols, Foot Readings, Emotional Connection

This class will build on Level—1 and Level—2   Covering All Reflexes, Technique Refining, Correlating Reflexes with The Emotional Body.  Foot Readings; Bach Flower, enzymes/acidophilus/minerals, systems of the body, anatomy visuals.

Documentations – 16 hrs. (4 people 4 times each)

Saturday and Sunday (9-6 pm)

Cost: $450

LEVEL – IV   Body Self-Care, Business Aspects

Business aspects, client common questions, body self-care.  Support through techniques demonstrated and movement exercises, plus foot readings.  Pre-test.

Documentations 14 hrs. (4 people 3 times each and 2 individual sessions)

Saturday and Sunday (9-6 pm)

Cost: $450


LEVEL - V   The Practitioner Emerges

PowerPoint review, foot reading proficiency, protocol practice.  Question and Answer, final exam plus verbal and applied technique.

Documentations 12 hrs. (individual sessions or series)


You have 6 months to complete & turn in your final 12 practicum hours after testing date.

* All Students Repeating any Level – Fee:  $150

NOTE: For anyone interested in learning Reflexology for family and friends;                                                              You may choose to Audit the classes and forego all testing. 

(You may pay per weekend)

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